Devesa Farm

Devesa Gardens gives you the opportunity to see how a real farm works. There are plenty of animals that live together in the heart of the Albufera national park.

Devesa Animal


A gorgeous animal in its natural habitat, where you can observe the beauty of this mammal.

Devesa Animal


Did you know that emus are the second largest birds after ostriches? They can’t fly, but you will be fascinated by this animal coming from Oceania.

Devesa Animal


We all love watching a family of ducks crossing a path. They are waiting for you to meet them in our farm!

Devesa Animal


Flocks of sheep with little lambs are part of the life in our farm in Devesa Gardens

Devesa Animal


Donkeys are very intelligent animals and they are very useful, since they help a lot with the farm chores. Meet our little donkey called Felipe!

Devesa Animal

And many more!

Seeing how animals live together in the farm is really exciting. Little ducks, tortoises, birds, hens, partridges and geese walk around all together. Come and see them!

Devesa Gardens Actividad


In our farm we offer a wide variety of activities, workshops and trips for all ages, so that children can take part and be in touch with nature, where we all are part of a large family with different generations of each species.

Children staying in our campsite will have free access to the facilities of the farm. They can also take part in the activities with the instructors and have a good time meeting the animals in Devesa.

In Devesa Gardens we want children to have a positive and rewarding experience by enjoying the environment and getting in touch with the animals. Don’t wait any longer and come to visit the animals in Devesa!