Devesa Park

Devesa park

A world of fun that the youngest members of the family will never forget. It has an obstacle course that they will have to go over till the end, an inflatable castle where they will jump higher than they can imagine and a playground with an endless number of slides for all ages.


Devesa farm

Keeping in touch with nature is part of our learning since we are young. An educational walk to know how animals live in the farm of Devesa Gardens, with a lot of different species of birds, swans, emus, goats, deer and much many. The opportunity to see them up close will fascinate you.



In Devesa Gardens you won’t get bored, not even for a minute! Are you thinking about what to do or where to go? Enjoy choosing among all our activities. Have a look at what is waiting for you!

Devesa Actividad


Have you ever taken part in a treasure hunt? These games are great to promote team spirit in children and have lots of fun.

Devesa Actividad


Holding an arch and aiming the target is a fantastic experience, so don’t miss the opportunity to try this activity. Will your arrow hit the middle?

Devesa Actividad


Are you good at aiming? You won’t want to stop playing this game. Aiming at the dartboard is so fun!

Devesa Actividad


When it’s very hot, the best option is to practice sport in the water with background music.

Devesa Actividad

Mini club

Children and teenagers will have a place to gather and have fun with people of their age. In Devesa Garden everyone can enjoy and make new friends.

Devesa Actividad

Mini disco

To have a great evening you just need some music. In our mini disco you can dance all the latest hits and the choreographies that our team has prepared for the whole family.

Devesa Actividad


You don’t need to travel to the country of tulips if you want to play one of its most traditional games. It’s a Dutch billiard that you must try during your stay in Devesa Gardens.

Devesa Cumpleaños


¡Los peques lo pasarán en grande! Fiestas tematizadas: princesas, piratas, fútbol. Consulta las diferentes fórmulas y menús que te proponemos. Karts, minigolf camas elásticas y muchas opciones más.

Descarga la invitación aquí: Invitación


Discover our new 12-hole mini-golf course, where the entire family can spend a great day. Completely themed in the era of dinosaurs with life-size figures that will impress you.